About The Astronomy Connection


TAC is a service for amateur astronomers in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

TAC is unique. It is not a traditional astronomy club. It has no rules, dues, officers, by-laws, or meetings. It is an informal network of those who think they might be, or already are, interested in learning from or joining experienced observers to enjoy each other’s knowledge of the sky/equipment and comraderie.

TAC’s goal is to bring together active observational amateur astronomers, bay area wide, via the Internet where ideas can more easily be exchanged and new friendships made.

TAC is NOT an organization and does not compete with traditional astronomy clubs. TAC’s goals include announcing events offered by bay area astronomy clubs to help increase their memberships and public visibility. There are many great programs offered by existing membership-fee based clubs that TAC will not offer. We encourage you to contact one or more of the many other fine clubs available to serve your needs in ways TAC does not.